‘Man on a Mission’ is a perfect starting point.

‘Man on a Mission’ is a perfect starting point.

Can you recall the last time you were observing something magnificent, totally being in the right place at the right time?

This is it.

Timeless memories, golden hour, new adventures are magical, especially if you are on the top of the mountain. The new milestone or literally… on Top!

The sense of achievement and presence. Spontaneous (or hardly worked for) luxury.

Please be welcomed to our world of luxurious shades and colours. Jumpers and Polo T-shirts, red, blue and green I (n the right tone) to express your effortless gentlemanly style while on a mission.. or adventure.. or both!

Did you know that every colour has its meaning? Pay attention next time to how you feel and how others perceive you when you wear your favourite colour! 

Colours have been used to pass a message starting from ancient Egypt. Undoubtedly there are different meanings; we encourage you to listen to how it makes you feel.

Let’s look at a few perspectives. Some cultures contradict in the interpretation of course, which does not help, but for instance… 

For example, controversial Red – In Hinduism is a symbol of sensuality and purity, of utmost significance. It is frequently used for most auspicious occasions like marriages, festivals, and childbirth celebrations; In Islam, it symbolises life force; Christianity is probably most intriguing. Red represents the ‘wholly spirit’ offered through wine; and blood which may have twofold associations. Modern Psychology offers associations with love, passion and danger, amongst many others.

Whichever feels closer to you.

Let me offer you two little less controversial colours created to enhance your authenticity by IDDU. It’s easy to appreciate them, and this is why:

Tuscan Sun has been created to represent that earthy subtleness of early sun and yet vivid luxurious feeling and confidence. Presence, appreciation of timelessness in the moment of NOW. 

Typical beloved by those whose second home (in the heart) is Italy, where menswear fashion was arguably born. 

Match with black or ivory denim, and you are at the Top and always trending in Style!

French Pink in Cashmere and Merino is set to remind us of burning lava within. A powerful look, playful urge for the challenge that is balanced with joy and love for life. 

It can be easily worn on its own or with a jacket over it. Match it with a pair of bottoms that sit well and compliment your physique

Simple is the new Sophisticated while remaining timelessly classic. Let’s worry about making it to the Top while on your Mission, put – calling within. And IDDU will be just perfect to compliment your Charming-Self in Style.

What’s your mission? Where are you heading? What’s next on the list? Which colour brings the best of you?

Inspire yourself with the colours of IDDU Jumpers and Polo T-Shirts for maximum comfort on your journey, In Style. Casual Classics may well be the answer.

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