Most useful items in your wardrobe. Feels like British Summer?

Most useful items in your wardrobe. Feels like British Summer?

Last 12 month since the world went into unparalleled ‘reality check’, but not for the first time, invisible boundaries opened new possibilities and opportunities for health, lifestyle and comfortable fashion. What helps - is the feel of summer, let's make the most of it!

Being motorbike and ‘wind in hair’ junky with daytime job that entails countless Zoom Meetings I took a new perspective on this whole ‘restriction venture’ and a test to priorities.

Having a look back you will probably agree that Stock Markets was quite a ride. Less stressful of course if portfolios were diversified. Some unexpected clothing brands have rallied even before Amazon or Netflix, not to mention movements like Black Lives Matter or US Elections. (which by the way have nothing to do with COVID-19).

Some friends exchanged on a bigger house. Preferably with a garden, so your other half and kids don’t drive you nuts. All with a prospect to working from home which will still be trending in the new era. All while being cosy and comfortable. How cool it is to work in your PJ’s and flip-flops until you realise your cam (betray) is on!

Working from home or adopting the new ‘hybrid working’ arrangements and the joys of wearing masks is just starting to settle in. This will be a reality for many of us the supercool and handsome. Do we need one more thing to worry about? Assolutamente No!

I have come to realise that Classic Polo Shirts for semi-professional and semi-casual look will get you a long way on Zoom. Equally on sudden change of plans after a call by in-laws (!). 

Plus, if needs layering on those cooler evenings the lightest Merino may very well be a good shout.

Matching classic jumper is easy, it goes with next to everything. 

For a complete look enhance it with comfortable pair of denim and you are a timeless in style. Make it easy, make it light, make it you. 


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