Style it out of ‘lockdown’ spirit, effortlessly.

Style it out of ‘lockdown’ spirit, effortlessly.

Lockdown has challenged our perceptions, but I assure you we still love fast cars, travel, and keep fit and feeling accomplished (Maslow’s values did not die with COVID-19). So let’s make the most of it ‘style it out of lockdown’ journey!

What is the one thing you will do as soon as shutters disappear entirely?

Seriously, I can’t wait to get on that plane or a boat and forget about the world for a second. It feels good; it feels comfortable, it feels adventure. Live goes on; who’s on the journey with me?

Here are some picks for your emergency kit for your comfort, style and lightweight travel.

Jumpers for cosy evenings and timeless look because it still gets cool. Perfect for morning and evening, wear it with comfort and ease; it will remain timeless and elegant, so a significant investment (timeless do not typically depreciate).

With long-desired rays of sunshine on both vacation and not, the good idea is to pay attention to your skin. For an ever-glowing healthy and handsome looks, here are some great picks from us, with the power of nature in mind.

Here are some skin care tips for men you may find helpful by AAD.

Soley Organics everything the skin needs can be found in nature. For a genuine Icelandic handsomeness, thick & organic, perfect for everyday wear;

Ishga Organic Seaweed Men’s Skincare, using the life-giving power of the sea to restore the skin and the soul;

and The Ordinary – Clinical formulations with Integrity, loved by many, trending for years.

Enjoy the ride, leave feedback and suggestions on your favourites, we’d love to hear more.

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