Euro Season 2020, are we back in the game?

Euro Season 2020, are we back in the game?

Long waited Euro Season 2020. We are indeed back in the game, back to our fury teams feeling excitement and pride (or not). It’s time to forget about the past and look into the future! No matter 2020, we did it! 

What’s your highlight of the Season?

I, like many that lived in Italy, feel intensely passionate about football tournaments. Or soccer, whichever comes more naturally. It’s the time when the pride of a nation comes together, cheering from the bottom of our hearts and praying for another cheeky goal from Locatelli, Immobile or any other of the ‘good guys. 

Many agree that the Team is almost ‘perfect’ this year, but as we know, when the team is not so great, it can bring us evidence of victories in the past. Is it luck? Is it the Italian charm or simply the skill and unity of the Team? In anticipation…

In the meantime – Imagination is everything, especially from a fashionable, aesthetically pleasing point of view. 

Effectively, imagination is the preview of what life’s gotta offer, correct? Another question is what shade or colour it will come in; that’s even more in our control. The answer is simple. Men’s Black V Neck Jumper is part of the equation. 

Great vibe while enjoying live broadcasting amongst like-minded folks. An attraction for the majority of restaurants, bars and pubs in Town. There is nothing so uniting as shared victories when they are amongst ‘cool and handsome’. The famous and weird and wonderful Notting Hill and Marylebone pubs have been buzzing throughout. 

The question, as always, is what to wear to bring out your personality. One piece of advice that has always persisted in the timeless fashion industry is choosing clothing items to complement your persona, rather than your fabulous self complementing a piece of clothing, am I right? 

Who’s more powerful, charming and sophisticated in an odd lux shirt with a completed ‘Mission Impossible’ when matching?

What about classic minimalistic sophistication, called Elegance?

Authentic elegance can manifest in different ways; it’s subjective. So as football, it does not matter how well our countries do; it’s the sense of unity and pride that brings an authenticity that no piece of clothing can overshadow. 

So, why complicate things when Timeless Classics has stood the test of time and has confidently made a comeback.  Black V Neck Jumper with a pair of denim with a smart-casual jacket, and we are back in the game! It’s Euro 2020, for crying-out-loud! (I did intend a different word, I must admit).

I took the liberty of making a selection of timeless pieces for you to have a sneaky peek. It is designed to fit with close to anything to bring out YOUR authenticity. Check it out now, Buon Voyage into a new, sustainable reality.

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