IDDU comes to London, leaving a lasting impression at Saatchi Gallery

Oil Painting of Iddu volcano in Stromboli

IDDU comes to London, leaving a lasting impression at Saatchi Gallery

We are delighted to present an artist's perspective of Iddu, the heart and soul of Stromboli in London. | Inspired by colours, power and authenticity.

Lia Aminov, an excellent impressionist, brought IDDU to the heart of London, Saatchi Gallery, Sloane Square. All just before the pandemic. A true delight and long-needed perspective, not to mention a lasting impression.

Impressionist textured oil painting exhibited Stromboli Island and its heart and soul – IDDU, the Volcano recently in London. Locals refer to the volcano as ‘Him’ as it is still understood in Sicilian dialect. Locals have an intimate relationship with IDDU rather. Namely, exceptionally loving, caring and trusting. IDDU is practically a member of their families. The connection is fascinating with such a powerful (and at times dangerous) creature. A relationship with the power of nature, some call it ‘the source’. 

Have you had a chance to adventure yourself to experience something so extraordinary? I often find myself wondering about relationships humans develop with those that are wild at heart. It teaches well, mainly kindness and respect. Mostly we get the same in return, don’t we? How wild does your inner calling get?

If you ever get a chance, embrace it; it is such a surreal opportunity being a nearby roaring volcano. And, if you are brave and fit enough to climb for a few hours in the heat, the sunset over the ‘Centre of the World’ is a rather humbling experience. Complete ‘balancing act’ by default. It does touch every particle of your infinite being.

Lia is excellent with landscapes, and if oil painting is your ‘thing’, it’s worth visiting the artist’s page.


Feel inspired by the depth of colours? By its power and authenticity? 


Most definitely, you are in the right place. IDDU Menswear, born in London, showcases the Power, Respect and Authenticity of wearers character through elegant, classic menswear transcending its actual values and origin – Island of Stromboli. 

For example, most vivid and daring men’s Crew Neck Sweater in Red or Vermillion is a statement in itself. Have you seen Strombolian Sunsets? 

On the other hand, a sexy roll neck in Burgundy will enhance your traits of authenticity and elegant power. It’s just cool to wear classic menswear that enhances your true self and fits any pair of denim. It’s like knowing your body and its sensory map, so make the most of it! 

You have got it all; make it happen with a wardrobe that never goes out of fashion because Classic Menswear does stand the test of time.

Explore our most vivid colour palette and Autumn-Winter 2021 Collection. Feel free to drop us a line, too; We will be delighted to hear from you and inspire you, thus catering to your wishes in the following season collection.

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