IDDU Stromboli, the ‘Land of God’.


IDDU Stromboli, the ‘Land of God’.

'On the edge with danger' drives you, me and everyone that feels alive.

IDDU, the most intriguing active volcano in Europe, is the core of Classic Menswear.

Challenging perspectives. Certain values remain.

IDDU of Stromboli, 'Land of God' teases your tastebuds for adventure, beauty and sustainability in Classic Menswear.

Unique, unexplored and ‘on edge with danger‘ places leave us intrigued and desire more. Why? Because they make us feel alive. Stromboli, the most intriguing active volcano, is just the place under the ‘Low-Moderate’ Risk profile if you like.

Roberto Rossellini offered the first wide-open interpretation of IDDU in 1950. Stromboli, ‘Land of God’ featuring Ingrid Bergman and Mario Vitale (2 wins and 1 nomination). ‘Raging Island…Raging Passions!’ ‘A Volcano of Emotion!’ to mention a few. One of the old-time classics on matrimony negotiations that challenge one’s perspective even today. But today is not just about the movie; it is about values that keep us alive, succeeding and thriving, or – simply living entire, saturated life. 

Critics extensively express their views, and if, by chance, movies happen to bypass you until today, it is worth a watch over a glass of wine or good old scotch.

A more recent and scientific appreciation of Stromboli James P Graham in his IDDU project conveys the artist’s response to the seductive combination of intense beauty and thrill of danger. After witnessing Nature’s unpredictable, awe-inspiring demonstration of magical energy over which humanity has no control… Thus Iddu Menswear brings to the light appreciation, respect and sweetness of ‘on edge’ with danger. It’s all about how you feel.

For instance, ‘Referencing landscape, Iddu has been conceived as a metaphor for the human psyche and acquisition of wisdom. ‘Scientia sacra’, as described by Thomas Aquinas in his Aristotelian metaphysics, ‘Knowledge’ or ‘acquisition of wisdom’ is revealed intuitively by the divine […]’. 

Equally, ‘Provenance of the work can be traced to Edmund Burke’s concept of the sublime as set out in his famous book ‘A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful.’

To feel the depth of this marvel, I would encourage you to take the trip on one of those long weekends and experience the thrill. Nothing compares to the feeling when you meet ‘Him’ tete-a-tete, especially after surreal feelings that will leave a lasting impression.

(GPS Coordinates of Stromboli, Italy Latitude: 38° 47′ 20.40″ N Longitude: 15° 12′ 46.80″ E)

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With Classic Menswear, you can go as sophisticated (or not) as you wish. As good as lasting values and ‘feeling alive’ that beautifully transmitted in the earlier films. 

Classic menswear offers a definite answer to many concerns modern humanity faces. Let’s start with sustainability as a start. 

Classic Style has proven its standing over decades, and I dear to reassure you is indeed the future. 

It equally serves as a good investment in your wardrobe because you can match it with close to anything, whether it’s morning or afternoon. It still works just fine! 

And above all, the damn good looks and elegance. How much better can it get? 

Gentlemanly Look balanced with sustainability in mind and making a good investment into a style that does not depreciate is the basics of sound investing.

 IDDU Polo Shirts and Sweaters (Merino and Cashmere) is the answer. Please give it a go now, check our latest offers. 

Feel powerful; it’s IDDU – say it as you mean IT!

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