Classic Menswear Brands baseline for Sustainability.

Classic Menswear Brands baseline for Sustainability.

Classic Menswear is the STYLE that falls nicely into Sustainable Bracket.


Fashion is known for contributing to a significant amount of Carbon Emissions and arguably even more waste. The great news is that Classic Menswear can be ‘need’ to have rather than ‘good to have.

That’s all great, but…

The support initiative individually without compromising on our comfort and style is fashionably possible. For instance, Articles of Style suggests that Classic Menswear wearers are most Sustainable, already appreciating philosophy of lasting design and true craftsmanship. At large, I must agree with the concept. Indeed, not everyone will be keen on investing in the latest Loro Piana or Dior Suit to pass as a legacy, but style is certainly most accessible to take advantage of and look mint.

We live in a changing world, and it’s great to add a twist to the baseline; I would certainly recommend accessories and details to freshen up the timeless look and look ‘cool’ at the same time. Classic Menswear can be fantastic too.

GQ released some tips into essential wardrobe items that are part of the ‘sustainable baseline’ because they serve long and well, don’t they? 

We can be proud of our men in Italy, Spain, France or Great Britain; they will look well for dinner with friends. Here are some interesting discussions around those who appreciate Classic Menswear and why it may be worth considering. And for some inspiration, please check out our classic menswear brand full of passion for life.

It’s IDDU; say it as you mean it!

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