Best Men’s Polo Shirts for what remain of 2021 and into promising 2022

Polo shirt on a man

Best Men’s Polo Shirts for what remain of 2021 and into promising 2022

Men’s Polo Shirts best choice to end Summer 2021 on the ‘High’ and stepping surely into 2022 enhancing sexy & stylish wardrobe-essentials.


History demonstrates timelessness in fashion and style when it comes to Men’s Polo Shirts. Think for a moment, which item in a stylish men’s wardrobe remains trendy for decades? 

Polo T-Shirts

Let’s cut to the chase. Easy Maths, it is either Slim Fit Polo or Classic Fit Polo, as simple as that. Both will enhance your charm equally. The question is – what makes you feel good. 

Perhaps one additional consideration would be if Southern or Northern Hemisphere (where you are right now) as a short sleeve or long sleeve can make the difference. 

Here are a few words about the most popular Polo T-Shirts to clarify your choices in this department. 

Men’s Polo Shirts in any cut are stylish, functional, easy to care for, not to mention the damn good look that goes with close to anything. Be it playing golf, tennis, beaches, leisurely pass-time or al fresco dining at the most incredible place in town.

#1 Classic Fit Polo Shirts more often than not come in cotton with natural stretch, textured with soft collar.  It may be enhanced with 1-4 buttons or a seamless zip. They are ultimate moist absorbers and provide for natural body heat balance. 

Discover Long Sleeve that adds to cooler evenings with Fall approaching (fall and winter are not too far away btw).

#2 Slim Fit Polo Shirts

Some argue that Polo should be fitted but not tight. I agree, but if you had a chance to work on your Apollo (Greek God) body, why not show it off. Here is an excellent opportunity to wear Polo that is your second skin, light and with a silky touch. Polos can be fun too, while we are young and wild at heart, and maybe free – make the most of it! I find athletic men exceptionally sexy in slim, even tight. 

Slight deviation, as mentioned above, is the sleeve length.

#1.1 Short Sleeve Pique Polo probably is one of those that sit in your wardrobe as we speak. Ralph Loren and Lacoste contributed to their fame by being reimagined and adapted to urban living as we know it today. But it is only a beginning. 

Now with the availability of high tech in textile, it also makes a good investment. Why? As you probably already guessed, style is timeless therefore does not depreciate; thus is also sustainable. What’s more – Polo’s versatility. You can wear it tacked or untacked, day or evening; to the office or with friends at the bar. It will equally look good; all you need is good pair of bottoms that sit well. I wouldn’t forget the belt; it can subtly sophisticate your style, adding a little mystery to your character. Just try it!

#2.1 Long Sleeve 

Long sleeve Polos are a great alternative to office/hybrid working arrangements when cooler days settle—offering an equally smart-casual look keeping you also warm.


To end on the high, here are some Dos and don’ts for wearing Polo Shirt. You probably already sense it, but just in case, here they are:


Practical Suggestions wearing Polo Shirt

  • Wear it on your skin. It is already perfect. Pleasant feel while helping your body temperature to regulate itself better. 
  • Slim Fit (Silky feel) will suit you best; if you want to show off your biceps and triceps, go for it! It WILL compliment every hour dedicated to Sport.
  •  Classic Fit (Cotton) will be best for a relaxed look; its versatility provides an excellent fit to any body. 


  • In other words – make it your base layer. It’s comfortable and can be as casual or intelligent as you desire.
  •  Measure Polo to your Height (from collar to your hip), just under your belt. It will give you the flexibility to style if you wish and will look just classy.
  •  Large logos have a purpose but rarely compliment Classy Look (unless you have a point to make).
  • Polos look better with a jumper over your shoulders for a more relaxed evening. Avoid wearing it under the blazer; it may look accidental.

Every Style conscious person should have at least a few polos in their wardrobe. Its versatility has proven itself through history; choose the one that is right for you 100%. 

As established, it works anywhere from sporting attire to leisurewear, and my favourite – are easily styled. Just give it a try. If something does not work, drop us a line, and a stylist will help you choose the right ones.

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