Classic Menswear and Mystery of a Scent.

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Classic Menswear and Mystery of a Scent.

Mystery drives us. Decoding ‘it’ gives us a thrill. The easiest way to keep mystery fuelled is the right choice of fragrance while making the most versatile Sustainable Classic Menswear.

A mysterious character, the signature. Your presence remains even you are already heading to your new adventure. And what about all those ‘liven up’ individuals when you pass by? Why? Because it’s charming, it’s mysterious; it’s sexy. Its You! 

Though perfumery dates back thousands of years, modern fragrance as we know it today only began in 1709 in Cologne, when Giovanni Maria Farina created a unique scent to honour his new hometown as described briefly in DMARGE.

Many have found the right cologne or fragrance that fits them well and has been their favourite for years. Scent undeniably underlines the wearer’s character and personality. 

Fragrances once land on the skin open up layer by layer and seductively reveal a few secrets about ‘him’. Sounds about right?

Some prefer subtle motives that encourage curiosity, some prefer making a statement ‘I am Here’, ‘I am Super Cool’, ‘Let’s have fun!’ to name a few. Secrets of olfactory will probably answer a few questions. And, if you are in a mood for some human behaviour science in ‘Smelling is Telling’ article on How Human Olfactory Cues Influence Social Judgments sheds some light too.

The question is how to find the best fragrance, the one that suits YOU. 

IDDU is all about authenticity. So much more accessible and happier to be the true you.  

There is no other person like you, and your scent should be unique.

The economy is boosting with new launches that keep the company’s dividend payments in line with expectations. Explore new trendy launches, and try some of the old-time classics. Anything, as long as it brings one step closer to Real You. Just follow your nose (literally).

#1 Bestseller and second to none in its engineering is Terre D’Hermes. Fresh, woody but intricate scent. It most definitely underlines the mystery of the character and is available in alcohol-free body spray. The beauty of Hermes bestsellers is that you can buy a refill and save significantly too if perfume is your ‘thing’. 

#2 Black Orchid by Tom Ford is another seductive pickle. This unique scent works well on any skin, and I dare you to try it. It is both modern and timeless with a luxurious and sensual dark accord. If you are in touch with the Asian side of your being, this is it.

#3 Significantly fresher is Hermes Voyage. It completes your Persona and takes you high in the sky on its floral woody musk wings. This scent is perfect for any occasion; it is light enough to carry you through the day In Style and sophisticated to make an impression on your date.

# 2021 Bestseller by Ermenegildo Zegna, Javanese Patchouli. This perfume, at its core, is a Power Statement. Italian Bergamot meets zesty Pink Pepper; its dynamic is enhanced by Cistus Absolute, Noble Cedarwood and Moss. How much more inviting does it get?

Whether you have had your favourite scent since you can remember or have often taken a fancy to something new, we all change; our values and priorities develop over time. Why not give your nose guide you to the best aftertaste you can leave (after leaving the company). It’s like good old whisky or a cigar.  Celebrate the ‘power of now, your authentic self!

Leave your presence felt a little longer, even if you have already moved on to your next mission.

Surely your skin is best to embrace powerful vibrations of the perfume, but if you are ready to conquer the world, scent can only be enhanced by your style and persona. It’s the whole image that leaves a lasting impression. 

Check out our latest Classic Menswear Edition for ultimate powerful look.

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