Classic Menswear Brands – Wise Long Term Investment.

Classic Menswear Brands – Wise Long Term Investment.

Wearing The Best while being environmentally conscious. Let's explore how:



Invest in wearing Classic Menswear, and you are always ‘In Style’ while contributing towards Net Zero Emissions goals. As a result, you spend less and concentrate on what makes life marvellous because classic items are time and trend-proof. Providing they are being cared for, practically like anything in life.

This article offers an overview of how your style choice adds value to your wardrobe, wallet and planet while providing some practical tips.

#1 Timeless Style. Classic Menswear offers versatility that will take you through seasons without compromising your style and elegance. Plus, not everything that is super expensive and Celebrity endorsed today will serve you in the next season, agree? Here is the first tip on investing in something that will last. As a result, you spend less in the long run and look good every day. I have been practising this for the last 18 years, and it works.

French have a concept of an essential capsule’ wardrobe. Joseph Turner has a helpful article on the subject and covers most basics of trend-proof classics. I want to add Turtlenecks to Jo’s selection. Please feel free to explore a report on the use of classic turtleneck since the beginnings of Hollywood, an item worth your consideration from a long-term investment perspective.

On the other hand, you have a Parisian look. Of course, it is not a simple matter when you are not one, but providing this direction feels close to your being and style, check out some styling tips by damage

Notice that all styles have something in every day – T-Shirts, Polo Shirts or Cashmere Jumpers. They are versatile. Thus your wardrobe is wisely compact. 

Have you explored IDDU ‘Blue collection’ this season?

#2 Investing in something that does not depreciate. The Style does not. Therefore it may be wise to explore Classic Menswear if you wish to make the most of your lifestyle while looking effortlessly. Here are some suggestions that may add value in contemplating current Menswear Fashion Brands.

#3 Effortless Styling. Menswear should be effortless and elegant. Your personality is colourful and distinctive, so why not share it with the world? The alternative is showing off the character of an item you wear unless it’s a Nice Film Festival and you’d like to be noticed and remembered. Have I lost you?

Think about it; you are magnificent in your being every day. Be it your passions, areas of expertise that reveal it or simply an extraordinary personality. The clothing you wear should underline your magnificence and not overshadow it. Agree? This is why Classics are timeless; they compliment the wearer. As a bonus, versatility adds to reducing CO2 emissions because there is less waste. Here is a short read on the subject if it takes your fancy.

#4 In addition, you are investing long term. Your Investment Advisor will advise that long term investing is predominantly about Strategic Asset Allocation. Where are you heading to, and what is your ultimate goal? Is it your new dream home? Kid’s education? Comfortable retirement? An island in the Caribbean? Well, that means your strategy must be set long term taking all the known factors into account. The same is with Classic Menswear; you choose a style or an item that stands the test of time and is the ultimate future (with some details that change to add some spice). 

There is also Tactical Asset Allocation, which tilts to make the most of markets in the short term while not compromising on the long term investment. Analogy in Menswear Fashion. Making the most of a moment’s inspiration in detail does not compromise your overall style and add to your personality.

#5 ESG Investments aim to invest in projects that ‘will make the world a better place. It can be anything from investing in bettering water and developing high tech filters; renewable energy or fashion that serves long, with as minor upgrade as possible. Thus, less waste, fewer emissions in the process.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Classic Menswear is Sustainable and serves its primary purpose. Clothing that offers comfort, versatility that underlines wearers personality and style.

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