Sustainable ‘Capsule’ Menswear. Elegance by Default.

Sustainable ‘Capsule’ Menswear. Elegance by Default.

Classic Menswear is sustainable and elegant by default. What can spoil it?

Choose the perfect type of timeless menswear staples, and they will last you through seasons. Style is something you can’t put the finger on; somehow, it speaks for itself. 

Here is high-level decoding on picking the right matching colour to the garment and making you stand out effortlessly—elegance by default.

Most fashion and style-conscious individuals have sourced ‘capsule wardrobe’ wholly or in part. How close are you to making styling morning super easy while spending less?

But, of course, Timeless Style can (and needs) to be spiced up every once in a while. This is generally done by adding detail. Not sure? Elegance is Simplicity. 

If you have adopted the Capsule wardrobe concept, all items match already, or close to 95%. (caveat – if it mainly consists of Classic Menswear). 

The question here is the right choice of matching colours to ‘get away with murder. 

Capsule ensures the right balance of neutral colours to make Styling easy unless you feel like wearing something a little different today. You are possibly inspired by your new adventure or an ‘eye candy’ that showed up on a horizon?

The easiest way to match and remain elegant is to follow these simple styling steps:

  • Pick one colour that suits your liking. Let’s take, for example, navy blue in Jumpers or Polo Shirts.
  • One of the most stylish looks is achieved by matching with neutral shades (white, black or grey). Keep things simple. The less, the better if you are after an elegant and classy look.
  • The golden rule in styling is to stick with Two—a maximum of Three colours at once (the third is neutral). I’d stick with one base colour, for example, Navy Blue, as mentioned already. A good match example will be White (or shades of white). A combination of these two is established through centuries and nautical expressions. It is your safe bet if you are unsure yet projects confidence and nobility of your character.
  • Hugo Boss provided helpful guides on the choice of the right shoes. Matching colours for shoes and socks is another area to look into, also by Men’s Hugo Boss.
  • If you feel like spicing things up, add a belt off-white belt, textured for more mystery in the look. I’d encourage experimenting, and if in doubt, feel free to drop us a line, and one of our stylists will guide you through the woods of a good colour match.
  • If you feel a little bolder and daring, check out a few articles on Apetogentlan or Masterclass. These may be helpful if you feel like a little deeper dive into the science of colour matching in Fashion. (That is if matching it naturally is not your forte).

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Enhance your timeless look through a long term sustainability lens. This aims to reduce unnecessary expenditure (extra cash), caring for the environment (reducing Greenhouse Emissions) while underlining your personality and style (Priceless!)

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