Summer Sky in Art and Menswear Fashion

Summer Sky in Art and Menswear Fashion

The Summer Sky, a true immersion into the infinity of the creative vibes. As humans, we are often driven by our values, priorities and sense of achievement. As a result, it makes us feel good, accomplished, and simply happy.

This article explores expressions of sky blue in Classic Menswear Fashion through the lens of Art and Style. The beautiful artwork “Summer Sky” exhibited at Saatchi Gallery in London (not to mention hand-picked for Art Fairs in Toronto, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York) by talented Claire Desjardins is worth a visit. 

Art is multidimensional, but in this instance, I would like to draw your attention to the emotional power of sky blue in Menswear Fashion.

Historically Blue has been honoured for over 5000 years. Ancient Egypt, Italy through Renaissance and more recent French to spin your imagination. An exceptionally precious Lapis Lazuli (raw material) during Renaissance was combined with other ingredients leading to the development of Ultramarine, the most expensive of all pigments. 

Comes the 19th Century, French chemists developed Synthetic die to optimise cost-effectiveness. Thus blue became the most utilised colour and famous for military uniforms and business suits.

Vibrations of Blue and Sky Blue differ. Blue represents stability. Light blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity as the sky or the sea. Is often associated with peace, tranquillity, trustworthiness, intelligence and reliability. An experiment at British Colombia University shows that light blue spurs creativity for those who would like to reimagine current realities.

Research shows that Blue is consistently the world’s favourite colour. Men’s Polo Shirts and casual merino & cotton Jumpers in Sky Blue matches well with white, beige, navy blue and black. Pastel pink shades will also complement Sky blue but may slightly deviate from the classic menswear look. 

Consider the brightness of colours when styling. Stylists recommend sticking with the same family colours for harmonic combination. If, however you choose complementing colours, it may be worth considering brightness. It will always look better if you decide, for example, dark blue shoes and match them with a darker brown belt. 

Here is Menswear Colour Wheel for easy outfit matching. The chart below will help you match the proper saturation (brightness) of the colour marked with numbers.

Golden styling tip – keep things simple. Classic menswear transcends elegance, and elegance is simplicity.

Two colours at once. If in doubt, a safe bet is to match with black/grey/white, and you are invincible in Style.

Now, a little about shoes. It depends on complementing colour you choose. If you went for white/off white pants to match your Sky Blue Jumper, stick with white sneakers. If you selected navy blue and sky blue mix, shoes in navy blue would hit the spot as good as white. Another option is if you are matching sky blue and white with a brown belt and brown shoes. Choosing lighter brown will add more chic underline your look effortlessly.

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