Mens Roll Neck Jumper: Past, Present or the Future?

Mens Roll Neck Jumper: Past, Present or the Future?

Style it like 007, sex appeal and classic menswear rocks with Roll Neck Jumpers.

Men’s Roll Neck Jumpers shined in the latest Esquire edition. Critics and experts in styling can be controversial. Men’s Roll Neck Jumper has been one of the wardrobe staples worn by ‘the best in their field. Anywhere from Andy Warhol, John Lennon or Steve Jobs throughout Hollywood, timelessly. 

Conveniently Men’s Roll Neck is super functional and versatile compared to many other garments. How come? 

Well, it is hard to disagree when you see Roll Neck Jumpers being worn by the most handsome and ‘bad kick-ass’ characters from classic movies to 007 or superstars. They are ‘casually’ wearing them to the red carpet and styling out in their everyday lives. 

Wearers of Men’s Roll Neck Jumpers are generally considered reserved characters, but that character certainly means serious business. Roll necks or Turtlenecks (whichever sounds closer) are irreplaceably versatile, and as Robb Report recently underlined its utility and handy substitute to scarves on cooler wintery evenings. 

Men’s Roll Neck Jumpers are capable of filling the gap between a shirt and a tie, especially if you happen to work from home. You are likely to end up wearing one of those pieces more often than one may think.

To add it its versatility, Roll Necks have been effortlessly worn over the past 80 years. Thus, as men’s fashion evidence, there is nothing to suggest it will be any different in not that distant future.

With sustainability, longevity and versatility in mind, timeless classics may very well be the way forward.  Men’s Roll Neck Jumper is the living proof of this. 

A finely knit turtleneck makes a flattering baseline for any mood and occasion, regardless of how to fit you may be this season. Be it an exclusively tailored suit or your favourite pair of denim; it will just ‘hit the spot’, promise you that!

Check out Men’s Roll Neck Jumpers selected especially for you this season because we understand the importance of being in the right place at the right time, always!

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