And what about Love?

And what about Love?

Classic British Menswear with an Italian twist.

An Expression of Love. Italian Heart and Soul in Classic British Menswear.

Distinctive Italian style, passionate heart and soul. It may go back to Dante, but today it is not about Dante. 

It is about the distinctive Menswear, an Italian look that somehow conquers the hearts of many. Italian is known for being the most distinctive menswear fashion bearers and hottest lovers (or maybe not). Either way, there is something that transcends through an Italian personality and catches many eyes.

Often I find myself thinking, is there something Italian men know that others don’t?

Being an Italian myself, it is a challenge to break down something that is part of a ‘whole’ in detail. At large, the vision of life, the confidence, love for life, and ‘all the beautiful things.

Menswear is part of our beings in the most excellent way possible that goes hand in hand with confidence and knowledge.

I can’t tell if I am a good lover (my GF is still with me, and it would please me to think that’s living proof that I am). But, we are all about being a true Lover of Life. It’s the ‘Dolce Vita’ and ‘Dolce far Niente while being in tune with ‘Him’, the true essence of masculine character, the IDDU. I assure you it does not stop there!

IDDU has brought to life an expression of all that passion that sits within. Allow me to share a few tips on styling so you can feel more in-tune with yourself, as we Italian do. 

The first tip – is we are REAL (and this is why we are loved and hated at once). We don’t feel like being someone else; we enjoy being ourselves. Why ever would you?

Second tip – we do not compromise on the baseline. Be it clothing, our values or our pride. We add ‘things’ on and experiment, but it never changes us ‘in core’. I would therefore suggest having a glance at your wardrobe. What is your baseline? Does it sit with you? If not – change it at once. You have the right.

My baseline consists of a few white, black and sky blue Polo Shits, the classic T-Shirts, a good pair of jeans that sit well. A couple of pants in ivory and navy blue. The shoes are simple, a pair of Black, Dark brown and a few pairs of white trainers. Be it Todds, Brioni or Superga; it has no meaning. All they should be is comfortable and semi-professional, and you have the long chased ‘golden middle’ for casual days at the office, semi-casual meeting in Shoreditch or a night out at a wicked rooftop bar.

Third tip – Italian man owns the path. Italian man owns what he wears. He only wears what suits him damn well. Be it Jeans, a Jacket, a Shirt or a Polo. They all fit like a glove. Tailored? Maybe (for sure). 

It’s like being ‘at home’ with your clothes.

An authentic Italian will not allow clothes to own him; that’s not sexy.


If ever in doubt, Blue and White have never failed anyone; wear it with pride.

Image credit Unsplash.

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