Menswear Fashion in Autumn Colours. Inspired by nature.

Menswear Fashion in Autumn Colours. Inspired by nature.

How cool does it get? Classic Menswear Fashion has become indispensable this season.

Welcome to “British Weather” and Menswear Fashion with a modern twist. It feels like four seasons in a day. Days have become Cooler, and so the Style must be.

Think about it, when one pronounces ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’ (whichever feels closer), we get mixed feelings. 

Some will inhale the earthy scents from fallen leaves; some will cringe at the thought of rainy days. But those that do not think of it much make the most of the colour palette and its striking energy.

This is about making you feel great through colours and incredibly soothing sensations, bringing you the joy of the Italian South and the freshness of Tuscany, all in one.

What do we know about this marvellous season (if you omit the wind and the rain)? 

Many will relate to Fall as the time to ripe fruits and is, therefore, the time of sense of fulfilment and joy.

Classic Menswear Fashion transcends through colours. The brightest of them all, Vermillion, Burgundy and Vegas Gold, have been the colours of Autumn for many fashionable individuals semi-silently.

It may be because Classic Menswear is perceived as ‘reserved’ and defined by its subtleness. Possibly. However, we can make the most of colours and versatility while remaining Classically Modern. A Menswear that can be and IS inspiring and relevant through time. 

Compare it with Seasonal foods. Any decent restaurant you go to offers seasonal specialities. The Chef will make the best flavours stand out. The same with colours in Classic Menswear Fashion.

Now is the time to get noticed while remaining handsomely classic.

We do not say goodbye to the sunny days; we say hello to our authenticity through shades and scents—the fruits of this year’s hard work has turned into rich red wines. So let’s celebrate with grounded Men’s Turtleneck in Burgundy

Through decades Menswear Fashion has exemplified burgundy, and some have adopted it as their second nature because it does bring the best of ‘matured burgundy’ out of you. 

They say ‘men are like wine, they mature with time. And the more time passes, the better the wine becomes. 

So I suggest we make the most of this notion. Enjoy the glass of Bordeaux, Margaux or Brunello di Montalcino; it is that time of the year. Explore the powerful colours of the Autumn Winter Collection.

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