Inspired by Picasso, ‘Lover’ in Art and Classic Menswear Fashion

Inspired by Picasso, ‘Lover’ in Art and Classic Menswear Fashion

What drives AW Classic Menswear Fashion spirit? The Art. The Picasso. The figurative expression of self.

Celebrate Classic Menswear fashion with a ‘Lovers’ twist inspired by Pablo Picasso. The interlocking of the figure is the symbolism of bond and trust by Dada Adesoji Disu is a fantastic expression of authenticity and colour. Being exhibited in Saatchi Gallery, London, now, November 2021.

What forces your foot to ‘down’ the ‘gas’ pedal? Is it that feeling of your lover receiving you? It is the sense of someone you can trust, who gets the best version of ‘you? Is it the one that adds intensity to your being? How close am I to the truth?

The lover is often your driving force; it is often a place where you feel ‘home’; it is controversially the most magic and peaceful place on earth. What are they like? 

Picasso has been an inspiration for decades, and its symbolic symbolism usually cuts to the chase as we like it. He is clear about his path; he is clear about his message. Decoding your spirit’s calling is unnecessary. Let it embrace you and feel 100 per cent!!

We celebrate ‘Lover’ with colours and feelings; what colour comes to your mind when thinking of love? 

We have picked a selection of burning ‘lava’ within Classic Menswear to wrap you in this very feeling of ‘chemistry‘ many call Love. Remind yourself who you are.


Shop colours of Lover’s Passion; shop Classic Menswear, a feeling that lasts. Feel empowered. 


IDDU, Join the Club!

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