Set your goals for weightless travel with Classic Menswear Fashion.

Set your goals for weightless travel with Classic Menswear Fashion.

Feeling cosy while out and about hasn't been easier. Presenting weightless Classic Menswear Fashion with a modern twist.

It is like ‘Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred. It should be perfect and made as instructed. Simplicity, elegance and precision is key to success.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing several extremely successful and influential men in my career as a banker. Their tireless and humble presence in a classic gentlemanly look leaves one questioning: How do they do itThe answer is simple. The wealthier one is, the simpler the lifestyle because ‘they have done it all’ their spouses are rarely ever big spenders. Their parents play a vital role often as mediators. Everyone in their families had a crucial role to play. They do it with pride for the best of all family as a whole. Why? The sense of belonging is an important part of making their world a better place.

Classic menswear fashion has breathed in a new life by fashion houses from Hermes to affordable everyday wear by Uniqlo, IDDU or Zara Men, offering durability, easy-care, effortless style, and sustainability. The question here is, what’s new?

Well, you decide your mission and belonging, while classic menswear fashion will take care of the basics so you and your achievements can be celebrated and at times more appreciated than you may think.

Here is a collection of classic menswear that will set you fine for your new adventure: menswear that is weightless, durable, and you are just god-damn-good-looking!

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