Blue & Black Roll Neck Jumpers. The ultimate answer.

Blue & Black Roll Neck Jumpers. The ultimate answer.

The ultimate Men's Roll Neck Jumper. No questions asked.

If there ever was one piece of men’s style and fashion icon that constantly proves limitless in demand and utility is Men’s Turtlenecks or a Black Roll Neck Jumper

Iconic Men’s Roll Neck, Jumper, the traditional essential men’s wardrobe piece in black, blue, burgundy, has lived through many generations and waves of fashion.  Undoubtedly, convenience, comfort, and ultimate elegance have made it an iconic part of knitwear we see being worn by most flamboyant personalities

Anyone thinking of characters like Andy Warhol who’s turtlenecks were sold at auctions; the Beatles were making their debuts in the ’60s to Idris Elba and Dermot O’Leary wearing casually, through movies adding their persona more sophistication to their character. This is where you cannot go wrong with the choice. Black Men’s Roll neck Jumpers have been the most utilised menswear piece and will continue throughout 2022 and beyond. Best way to enhance your personality with ease of wearing and styling that is sustainable by default. 

Casual Men’s Roll Neck in Tremont Blue, irresistibly cool. Underline your personality effortlessly. Classic Elegance for Modern Men with sustainability in mind.

*Gauge knit

*Wide neckline for ultimate comfort

*Perfect Cashmere & Merino blend for ultimate softness

* Ultra-lightweight

*Warm and cosy


Style it with your favourite denim and sneakers for a casual look or with a Jacket and pair of your favourite shoes for more sophisticated elegance.

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