Men’s Crew Neck Jumper, dress in style.

Men’s Crew Neck Jumper, dress in style.

Men's Crew Neck Jumpers. Total ease of styling.

We, men, like the ease. The ease of styling in particular. We like comfort and simplicity. Why complicate things if you can look handsome effortlessly? This is why men’s crew neck jumper is a ‘yes’ with a certainty. 

Men’s Crew Neck Jumper in Sky Blue with a detail on the edges of sleeves will underline simple elegance in this textured, softest and lightest merino wool and cotton blend for ultimate comfort and ease.

It is one of those men’s jumpers you can wear any day and every day. No doubt, it will work well with grey, navy blue, black, off white pants and a pair of sneakers or more of a classic pair of shoes.

Seamless textured softness wraps your handsome body and adds a touch of mystery to your persona. It is simple, elegant and stylish menswear.

With great certainty, men’s knitwear has manifested into fashionable menswear over decades to what we see today.

The crewneck started life in 1913 as a T-shirt that was issued to sailors in the US Navy. The original functionality of the design was to cover chest hair and provide warmth. Now we add the style, a touch of “simple sophistication” and the everyday ease of wearing (and matching). Wear your comfortable and simply elegant embrace in various colours as a layer on your T-Shirt or more formal shirt. Jacker or a pullover over Crew Neck is easy.


This wardrobe staple is inspired by the blue sky and the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Islands.

Emerge yourself in the depth of true indulgence. This cosy, lightweight softness is called Men’s Crew Neck Jumper in Deep Sky Blue. 

We challenge you to celebrate the freedom of your being in a simple gesture of gratitude and celebration of what matters most.

Sustainable Menswear Fashion is about making choices, investing in pieces of wardrobe that last thus serves you countless times. 

IDDU cares for the seas and the islands; we care for the prolonging beauty of this beautiful planet while offering you the tools to express yourself in true style.

We recommend that you follow Care Guidelines to maintain the garment’s impeccable look to serve you significantly longer than one may expect. 

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