IDDU is home to simple elegance and sophistication.

IDDU is home to simple elegance and sophistication.

There are countless reasons why IDDU attracts curious eyes – to stem inspiration in nature; challenge oneself with facing ‘Him’ the Vulcano, or simply enjoying the beauty of the archipelago in profound luxury. And IDDU Modern Classic Menswear is no exception.

Unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, the steaming volcanic scent after a spectacular show at night, IDDU had a lot to say. 

No public illumination is present in Stromboli: being a natural reservoir this preserves light pollution and makes the atmosphere almost surreal. Few light sources are present in an already black environment: lamps and signs, stars and spectacular lava fountains.

True appreciation can manifest when the two, seemingly completely opposites can be found at the same time and place.

Mario Zaia, a true Strombolian and most experienced guide, has offered his vision about IDDU and what it means to come tet a tet with yourself facing one of the fundamental driving forces of humanity – fear.

On the other, Spectrum is the complete opposite – total piece, little light, and only 400 inhabitants living like a true Italian family.  

That is not a coincidence that Dolce and Gabbana have chosen its well-hidden retreat destination, its marvellous Villa in Stromboli, which was recently put on sale by Lionard. True simplicity and elegance.

Behind it, “iddu” (“him”), as the locals call the volcano, stands in all its glory; while sweeping views of the sea are in front of us, interrupted only by Strombolicchio, a very small volcanic island and the point where the sun rises: the intense pink light of dawn flooding into the horizon and the house’s façade every morning. 

Unsurprisingly, a true marvel has inspired the IDDU menswear brand based in London being the source of appreciation – beauty, nature and most importantly awareness of true self.  Explore IDDU by travelling to this marvellous island, full of surprises!

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