IDDU London. Who is behind this Classic Menswear Brand?

IDDU London. Who is behind this Classic Menswear Brand?

Iddu has come to London to share the love through Timeless Men’s Fashion and celebrate the power of nature. Interview with its co-founder and how it all begIn.

– You have come out of the blue with such an imprinting story and a statement around Menswear Fashion. Tell us, how did it all begin?

The story is about IDDU, currently the most active volcano in Europe, an island of Stromboli. In my opinion, it accurately represents the essence of ‘him’. What can be more exciting than an erupting volcano with a character which you deeply Respect? 

Some believe it is the Centre of the World. Well, let me ask you a question. When have you last experienced a sensation of absolute love with no conditions or boundaries yet centred and present?

Well, mine was the first time I heard Mario Zaia (Zazà) most experienced guide in Stromboli, talking about what it means to get up there to the crater; how does it feel? And he rightly points out the fear, thrill and emotion we all face, how ‘equal’ we all become when facing ‘him’, thus celebrating the true power of nature.

– You talk about IDDU London, calling it menswear representing sustainability by default. Would you mind elaborating?

We are finally awaking to the notion of sustainability and in fashion in particular. It is estimated that fast fashion contributes to at least 10% of the harmful waste (some believe it is 20%). So my most profound aim is to reduce unnecessary waste to an absolute minimum in a way it requires the least effort and least compromise to our comfortable lifestyle. So science and technology can be brought into balance with nature.


Plus, IDDU being an active volcano, emits ash and gas, which, as controversial as it may sound, suspends global warming to a certain degree. If you think about it, the ash covers the part of land and sun rays cannot reach the ground for that period. Earth cooling starts. Some studies show a decrease in warming after a volcano eruption. It is so powerful that if all volcanos (God forbid) go off at once, the earth will freeze.

– Incredible, that is quite a statement, but allow me to move on to something less intimidating. You are a beautiful woman yourself; I am sure there is more to it than the cooling effect that volcano eruptions can bring?

You know me, I love aesthetics. I love good food and a tasteful look; I call it Simple Elegance. The third element to IDDU London undeniably is the Style. For me, true fashion has always been synonymous with Christian Dior jackets back from the ’70s. This is a time when so much attention was paid to detail. At times CD jacket looked far more sophisticated from within. That is the skill and the level of detail that goes into creating a garment that lasts if looked after well.  Piece of clothing that represents value and quality will be worn repeatedly. It is Status in a way, and what it represents mostly depend on HOW you wear, not WHAT you wear. Therefore I do believe that Style and simplicity in elegance are key.

– What is most important for you in a garment?

For me, the most important criterion is quality. Something with a minimum standard to meet the wearer’s expectations that serve the purpose looks good and remains timeless in Style. I genuinely believe that Style as a concept is Timeless. Fashion was never meant to be timeless. Fashion was meant to make money (which it does at the expense of the environment) but only because we, the consumers, got too excited about having more than we needed. It is time to wake up.

– Come on, Inga, you cannot be perfect; indeed, there must be a weakness in you.

Without a doubt, I have many, and I wouldn’t say I like talking about them, but there is one that many may relate to. It is Shoes.

Shoes, in my opinion, represent a woman and a man in a way that no piece of clothing ever would. It is your statement, your comfort, your health and your wellbeing. Who has bought shoes that needed to be ‘worn in’? Goodness, I dread even thinking about it, but I am sure everyone will feel the pain I have just provoked in your memories. So, the shoes, in my opinion, should be comfortable, represent your being (precisely like the perfume would) and again, timeless enough to serve you for as long as it is designed to serve. Do not waste someone’s hard work, love and dedication that went into creating that pair and harm the environment.

I appreciate not everyone will wear shoes that were made by hand for Merlin Monroe by Salvatore Ferragamo (which, by the way, still can be purchased), but wear them with pride and respect. You suddenly see the world around you changes with a smile, as well as your posture.


In any event, we live in times where we have moved away from that DIOR or Ferragamo sophistication at large. People prefer simpler looks, more comfortable but still lasting. So the idea of IDDU was brought to London, one of the fashion capitals, to show that we are closer to Net Zero together and maybe even happier than we were before. 

– Why do you speak about Style rather than Fashion when it comes to IDDU London?

I believe in Style. A style that represents you, the wearer. It lasts through decades, thus allowing you to avoid the necessity to buy new clothes every season because they are out of fashion. As a result, you save money because you purchase something that will carry you through the seasons. This is how IDDU London is Sustainable by Default. The wearer can have one piece styled easily and worn countless times while looking pretty damn good.

It allows you to focus on what is most important to you (family, sports, education, wellbeing, you name it), and most importantly, you are considerate to the environment. This is where IDDU London makes the difference. It is all possible here.

– What have you learnt from your observations so far?


I have travelled a bit (but never enough) and seen people from different walks of life. We are all unique, and if we allow ourselves to live according to our values and priorities, we allow ourselves to be genuine and authentic. We are a very happy crowd. And I assure you, no happy person will ever be inconsiderate of the surroundings. We breathe respect; we breathe authenticity; we breathe happiness.


With IDDU London, I aim to share the Love of Nature. Think about it: we run the world, yet when facing someone like IDDU, the volcano, some experience fear humbleness, and some meet with themselves face to face. It is a marvellous balancing act, and one does not need to go into a long search for enlightenment or pilgrimage; it is right there. All I do is share this love in a meaningful way through the lens of sustainable fashion.

With love,

From IDDU.

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