The essence of ‘Him’ - Power, Respect and Elegance. Iddu.

IDDU (‘He’) is a boy at heart with powerful emotions and a sense of invincibility. Playfulness sways his moods at times while balancing natural cravings of burning lava within.

IDDU Classic Menswear is for anyone curious about timeless fashion through a sustainable lens. Elegance is key.


As human beings, we stem our inspiration from nature. IDDU Menswear developed from the genuine appreciation of Nature and its Powers. Often overwhelming, at times undeniably assertive. Authenticity, colours and a playful character of the Vulcano in Stromboli by narrative describe it all. 


Anyone wearing IDDU feels empowered through edge cutting initiatives lasting style while remaining simply elegant so you can focus on what is most important – family, career, wealth building, wellbeing or spiritual quest – you name it.


Perspective is brought to life by loving heart and soul as a means to share The Love, IDDU’s ‘Power from within’ in a considerate and meaningful way. This is where Elegance and ‘net zero emissions’ meet hand in hand.


Decades have proven Elegance in Classic Menswear is timeless, so the purchase you are making thus a good investment.


All items of IDDU Menswear are designed and created in London and ethically produced in Portugal and Turkey.


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*IDDU – say it as you mean it!

IDDU Classic Menswear, making WholeSale easy.


Duis efficitur gravida tincidunt


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