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How to care for Jumper

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Sustainably sourced IDDU knitwear and Polo Shirts are made to offer comfort and durability. We have created the perfect mix of thread to compliment the wearer’s luxury and lightweight. Follow Care Guidelines to make your life easier; although some fibres are more delicate than others, we recommend following label instructions for optimal care. We are closer to Net Zero Emission goals together!


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Storing Jumpers

Luxury investments like cashmere require knowledgeable care all year round to maintain the luscious softness and reliable durability of its fine, natural fibres.

When you are storing cashmere properly, the kind of care you’re giving those natural fibres will keep them soft and vibrant for years, even decades.

IDDU Jumpers are made to serve you longer; however, to a certain degree, the time jumpers serve you will depend on how well jumpers are being stored and looked after.

Protect your garments by storing in a breathable zip-up garment bag between wears and pack your knits in airtight plastic bags between seasons.


Merino Wool and Cashmere being natural fibres, may attract pests like moths. Fortunately, they are not keen on Lavander sticks and natural oils. A recommendation is to have them fresh, replace those once a quarter will let your garments serve you longer.

An essential part of proper storage is making sure you’re storing pristinely clean items, treating any stains before storing is a good idea. This will also prevent potential and unwanted bacteria development, which is not unusual for natural fibres if an item happened to be stored before being treated or washed.

We recommend you keep cashmere and merino jumpers folded to protect them from vulnerability, and possibly damaging yarns in areas where tension is applied while hanging.

Containing Merino & Cashmere

Jumpers containing merino wool and cashmere are best to wash at low temperatures. Please do not tumble dry; let it dry naturally. Reshape while damp on the towel. For a super soft finish, use a small amount of liquid detergent suitable for wool or silk. Alternatively, your Dry Cleaners can easily take care of it for you.

Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts that are 95% Cotton & 5% Viscose offer easy care as they are machine washable; however, we recommend using a 30-degree cycle to help protect the environment.

Stretchy Polo Shirts that are 50% Viscose (Silk) and 50% Cotton we recommend you give it a quick hand wash or wash it in ‘delicate’ function if machine washing is unavoidable. 

It can be Dry Cleaned as an alternative.

We are one step closer to Net Zero Emissions goals together.

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