Does this make the World a Better Place?

Following Worlds Summit on Sustainability, it was concluded that a severe transformation is required in the fashion industry in a relatively short space of time to reverse its damaging effects on the environment. Basically, in No Time, which means TODAY.

Rightly so, businesses have taken responsibility, and a lot depends on you, the buyer reimagining our day to day needs and re-evaluating priorities.

IDDU is based on love for nature, its appreciation and authenticity through Timeless Style. In other words – Timeless Fashion. So how do we create this Timeless Style and Timeless Fashion to address this burning issue in time TOGETHER, before devastating effects are irreversible?

Saying this, I am one of these people who have always cared for the Image that I portray. The Style and Elegance have been at their core. The question is, how do we create fashion items that can serve significantly longer, do not go out of style, all to reduce the damaging effects of our habits to OUR HABITAT.

IDDU Jumpers have been designed with Preservation of Environment and Animal Welfare in mind.

IDDU Jumpers and Sweaters have been designed to serve you significantly longer than any other staple in your wardrobe. ‘Thread of Bliss’ has enabled us to provide a luxurious feel and durability (if cared for appropriately) while sourced with Animal Welfare being an absolute priority.

What does it mean for you, an environmentally conscious individual with an eye for Elegance and Style?

Classic Menswear items you are wearing will last you longer and amount to less (or none) waste. At the same time, you know that cashmere was sourced following and recognising animal welfare and biodiversity standards.

IDDU strictly adheres to recognised animal and species-protection requirements such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

Following the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIC) guidelines outlines our recognition of the five freedoms as a guiding principle for animal welfare. This is why we only offer products that can be made from animal’s natural purpose following required standards of Animal Welfare Policy Development Guidelines in Textiles from the global animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS. 


An essential proportion of Viscose is added to IDDU Jumpers for an ultimate luxury feel and to enhance the character of the jumpers we love.

Viscose is often touted as a sustainable alternative to cotton or polyester. It is popular in the fashion industry as it offers a significantly more durable alternative to silk that derives from trees.

IDDU is committed to a transformative Canopy world to keep the world’s forestry and ecosystems healthy and vibrant. Thus supporting and protecting global ancient and endangered forests through Viscose textile production and Packaging standards.

Organic cotton uses 91 per cent less water than regular cotton, and it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Cotton is an all-natural fibre that grows well in several climates and can be harvested relatively easily. It’s washable, breathable, absorbent, and strong. It can be recycled and made into yarn or new garments. Cotton is versatile and can be made into everything from jeans to jerseys. It also mixes well with other fibres to create unique fabric blends. 

We work closely with Cotton Garment Manufacturers to ensure. Sustainability principles are adopted in line with suggestions discussed at the recent G7 Summit.

We warmly invite you to recycle any Cotton garments or consider creative possibilities through textile waste recycling opportunities, both Locally and Globally.

For transparency reasons, a small proportion of Acrylic may be used in the tread to significantly extend the garment’s longevity. Thus making it sustainable on the flip side as the item lasts you substantially longer. 

One item can be worn and washed many times and is still in excellent condition compared to a garment that does not contain Acrylic or a similar thread that will need to be replaced sooner.

We are currently working on finding an alternative to Acrylic that will offer similar qualities and extend the garment’s life whilst being more considerate towards the environment.

It is, therefore, a great pleasure to introduce you to our environmental outlook and available recycling processes, including the EU Recycling Project, Recycle Now and TRA in the UK. They all, in their ways, give new life to the fabric when it has served you enough.  Suitable for Fashion, on the other hand, will add creative spark through creativity. It will mean ‘the world’ to the Planet!


With Love,


Photo Credit Unsplash

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